TARELV has been an on-going research project on alternative currencies and/or alternative exchange rate pegging systems that is open to the participation and contributions by the like-minded professionals, practitioners and academics who may share similar visions on a worldwide basis.

Please feel free to leave any feedback and comments on how you would like to participate in this group effort to further fine tune the new TARELV related concepts and methods.

This TARELV idea was originally developed in 2009 on the back of the author’s last 10-year’s research work that started back in 2001 on a new form of real estate derivatives SwapRent and a new form of non-derivatives based home ownership structure FARJHO. Due to these new found capabilities to quantify real estate value and extract home equity, a new way to use real estate and land value to back up a national or global digital currency system has become a reality.

With the fast pace development of the block chain technology backed Bitcoins and other forms of digital currency, TARELV has taken on a new meaning at the moment.

As the idea has grown more mature through the years and the need of a brand new exchange rate pegging system to replace the existing fiat currency concept and Chartalism has become more and more transparent these days, the author would like to start to work with other economists and practitioners with similar passion in this field to hopefully bring this new exchange rate system to life together.

What the author believes in is that where both Assignats and Mandats in France back in 1796 as well as Rentenmark in Germany back in 1924 had failed to stay on as a major currency concept, given the current state of the global economy and the quantitative finance methods, TARELV may have a chance to make it in 2011 and beyond.

For historical development background on SwapRent which supports and facilitates both the conceptual formation and the potential implementation of TARELV is located at many other web sites such as http://farjho.com, http://swaprent.com and http://investorsally.com.



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